Ways to Stop Kids and Pets from Ruining Your Carpets

Ways to Stop Kids and Pets from Ruining Your Carpets

Newly installed carpets look beautiful and they can provide any home with a fresh look. However, they can cost you a pretty penny. Your kids and your furry friend can start ruining your carpet unless you take some preventive measures.

What are Those Preventive Steps?

If you are thinking about how to avoid ruining your carpet, then here we have compiled some tips and tricks that will help you to do the same. So, let’s explore:

  • Set Up A Zone for Snacks

When it comes to having a meal, children don’t have to eat all over your house. Try to serve all meals at the dining table in order to avoid a mess on your couch or carpet.

However, this never works all the time, particularly if it’s their snack time and their favourite cartoon is on.

So, the best way to keep carpets clean is to set up a table in the corner on your tiles. Or away from all pretty, expensive, and fabric-y things.

  • Add A Doormat to the Entrance

It sounds simple and it is a true winner. Lessen the dirt coming inside your house by using a doormat as it eliminates mud, sand or dirt from shoes right before they leave their mark on your carpet.

  • Reconsider Craft Time

It is best to hide all the glitter, play-doh, slime, beads, glue, confetti, paint, and anything else, which would explode all over your carpet. Instead, move craft time into your garage or backyard.

  • Fix Your Indented Carpet with Ice Cubes

Another convenient carpet cleaning hack is to use ice cubes since it is good for fluffing up carpet naturally where furniture has dented. Not only this, ice cubes work amazing for eliminating wax from carpets.

  • Keep Your Cleaning Supplies Close By

Be certain that you have a stack of a stain remover, clean cloth, baby wipes on hand for faster stain action. Keep in mind that the sooner one gets to the stain, the more chances one has of eliminating it.

  • Create A Cosy Corner for Your Furry Friend

Both the dog and cat have convinced us that they need to be allowed in our homes. However, in their designated areas only. The dog should have a mat on the floor, which he can mess up as much as he wants. It is easier to wash and hide it in the closet while guests come over.

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