Carpet Dry Cleaning Melbourne



Get Unparalleled Electrodry & Carpet Dry Cleaning services Melbourne at a Reasonable Rate

We are one of the leading carpet dry cleaners & electrodry cleaners in Melbourne. We have been offering the best-in-class carpet dry & electrodry cleaning service in Melbourne for over 15 years. With our trained professionals ensuring you a great outcome every time, there is absolutely no reason to look anywhere else for affordable and professional cleaning services. Call us and we will be at your place within 1 hour.

Delivering More than Quality Cleaning Melbourne

We are proud to have reaped a reputation as being a reliable choice for those searching for a carpet dry cleaner in Melbourne. This gets real-time outcomes for all kinds of fibers. We always use state-of-the-art tools and equipment. Our service includes free deodorizing with each carpet cleaning service, we provide. Are you worried about the drying time? Nothing to worry about. Your carpets would immediately be dry enough to walk on after we finish our job. We always strive to deliver the best possible service and our quick-drying guarantee is certainly one of the reasons why we have become the most trusted carpet cleaning company in Melbourne.

Pre-Testing Before Dry Carpet Cleaning

Our dry carpet cleaning service caters to all your cleaning needs and can be what your home requires. That said; pre-testing is always necessary. Right before beginning our carpet cleaning job, we always pre-test fibers for color-fastness, as well as check materials for establishing the best technique of cleaning, ensuring you an effective and safe outcome.

Why should you Pick Dry Carpet Cleaning Method?

  • Offers a deep-down clean
  • Refreshes limp carpet
  • Faster drying time – you can walk on your carpet in 30 minutes
  • Leaves no residue
  • Extends the lifespan of your carpet
  • Removes recurring spill stains
  • Carpets stay cleaner for a long time



What can you expect from our Dry Carpet Cleaning Service?

We go through following steps during dry carpet cleaning service:


It’s quite essential to identify the specific carpet fiber that we’re cleaning. Hence, inspection is needed to ensure the right cleaning technique and solution are applied to your carpet.


This is imperative to eliminate dry particle soil. Our experts use an industry-leading vacuum that has an effective filtration system.


We apply eco, child, and pet-friendly encapsulation agents on your carpet, followed by rotary agitation tools.


Residues and encapsulated dirt are removed properly by a dry vacuum.

Dry Carpet Cleaning - 3 Rooms for 120$

If now you’re worried about the dry carpet cleaning charge, then you’ll be glad to know that we charge only 120$ for 3 rooms. Isn’t it great? So, to get quality carpet dry cleaning Melbourne service, call us today at 0433-090-031. Also, follow us on Facebook