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  UCM’s Carpet Cleaning is a specialist in residential carpet steam cleaning and commercial carpet cleaning in Caulfield. Our carpet cleaning technicians operate state-of-the-art, heftily ponderous-obligation Carpet Cleaning Caulfield machinery to make your habitation clean and germ-free. Experienced technicians specialize in a deep steam cleaning process for all types of carpets and rugs. Our state-of-the-art machines are puissant enough to abstract germs and debris that have been buried in the carpet in your domicile for years. Finding the best and professional carpet cleaning at an affordable price in Caulfield, In Australia Unique Cleaning delivered with maximum eco-friendly aspect. When it comes to hiring the best carpet clean-up solution provider. We deliver the best cleaning services, because of the longstanding experience in the industry. Our experienced cleaners are available around the clock to deal with all types of cleaning tasks whether the demand is for commercial or residential property.  

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If you are in search of an expert and professional carpet cleaners in the Caulfield location. Yes, you are in the right place. In our cleaning organization, all the cleaners are certified well trained, and licensed. So there is no problem facing any problem regarding carpet cleaning. Call us today and we guaranty to turn your dirty carpet into clean as a new and refreshed fragment. Which will make you're surrounding fresh to breathe.   Why Choose UCM’s Carpet Cleaning? Experience – For 25 years, UCM’s Carpet Cleaning has been steam cleaning carpets and cleaning homes and businesses throughout Caulfield. We commenced out as a humble, one-man, one-truck operation in Cheltenham and through quality accommodation and affordable products have grown from vigor to vigor. State-of-the-Art Cleaning Equipment (Truck Mounted Machines) – We take pride in the professional-grade cleaning equipment we utilize, which has been concretely designed to abstract all sorts of spots, deal with pet hair, ameliorate the smell of your carpets, and of course make them look homogeneous to incipient again. High-quality eco-cordial detergents – Most frugal carpet cleaning companies conventionally make utilization of frugal quality chemical products that prove very deleterious for your carpets and upholstery. Low-quality chemicals will engender irreparable damage to your carpet. An exorbitant amount of chemical residue is left behind in the carpet and upholstery and, after a few weeks, carpets will be dirtier than they were afore. This is consequential! We utilize nothing but the highest quality detergents to ascertain the job is consummate with superior results. Our courteous and amicable staff are experts in the science of cleaning carpets, hardwood floors, upholstery, and tile and grout. We are voracious and will charge what we quote, without integrating any obnubilated costs into the initial quote.  

UCM’s Carpet Cleaning in Caulfield


The pre-inspection is key, as it will sanction us to felicitously set up orchestration to accommodate your carpets and upholstery. This is your time to apprise us of your most astronomically immense concerns; we will inspect your particular areas of concern as well as note carpet construction, and soil conditions. We will additionally apprise you of any possible perpetual staining on the horizon so that there will be no surprises at all. Recollect: not all stains can be abstracted exhaustively, and a carpet cleaning company that claims they can abstract all stains is not trustworthy or professional. At UCM’s Carpet Cleaning we’ll certainly let you ken.

Furniture Moving

By request of the client, sofas, chairs, tables, and any other furniture that is of felicitous size will be punctiliously moved by our able vigorous hands.


If congruous for the situation, your carpet will be promptly pre-vacuum to abstract bond dry soil, making the main cleaning methods run smoother. This pre-cleaning will avail more of the dirt and debris to be clean up during the main cleaning part of the procedure.

Pre-Condition & Pre-Spot Treatment

High traffic areas and spots are pre-treat for more efficacious soil and spot abstraction. This will ascertain that the soil and spots will be hoist, and the most exhaustive cleaning will be utilized for the job.

Extract & Rinse

The steaming commences. Once the soil has been loosening, our state-of-the-art truck-mount sultry dihydrogen monoxide extraction machine will exhaustively rinse the carpet pile. Pressure and heat are regulated so that the carpet is not inordinately wet. We will then rinse your carpet with specially treated dihydrogen monoxide at cleansing temperatures ranging between 60-235 degrees. This step withal ameliorates the quality of the air in your living space by abstracting the pollens, pollutants, and dust mites, etc. from the carpet. This makes your domicile a safer place to be.

Post Spot Treatment

If any spots are not abstracted during the main cleaning process, specialty-spotting techniques are employed after an exhaustive cleaning to dispense all the adamant spots that were not hoisted.

Post Inspection

After we are through with the job, we enhearten you to take ambulation through your domicile or business office(s), utilizing the plastic boots we provide to inspect our work and ascertain that we’ve met your standards. If you’re satiated, let us ken, and if not, we’ll do whatever we can to ascertain that you are.  


Cheapest Cleaning is the fundamental aspect of any property and intense cleaning is not an easy task to perform. That is why Unique Carpet Cleaning in Caulfield is committed to delivering high-standard cleaning. The range of cleaning services delivered by us will not only assist you to clean the property but also provide you a beautiful environment. Which will make you feel happy and healthy. We give you the cheapest cleaning service in the Caulfield area. For more large areas do call us today and get a discounted price. Our team will reach your place and quote you according to the area you have.   We clean all kinds of carpets at the cheapest price. Call us for a quick appointment with our experts to clean your residential or commercial property in Caulfield. Also, follow us on Facebook for offers

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