Builders Cleaning Melbourne

Builder’s cleaning services in Melbourne

Are you struggling to clear the mess in your house after a lengthy renovation project? Are you getting a headache looking at the mess? Get in touch with us for Builder’s Cleaning services in Melbourne and ditch the stress.

Why choose Builder’s cleaning services in Melbourne

Are you a builder searching for cleaners in Melbourne? Then you're at the correct place. When a new construction of a building or home or a renovation of one of the two is done and completed, the construction workers will leave the site untidy and chaotic all over with dust, tiny particles of substances, rocks and more. This can be problematic for the builders therefore in the event where you request them to clean the mess, they won't or choose not to clean it because they are either tired after a hard day of labor or because they are not cleaners. So, when the construction process comes to the conclusion, cleaning is required to remove and take away the dirt and scraps of debris which are splattered all over the premises after the construction work has been done. Our builder’s Cleaning services in Melbourne cleans everything in. We are providing builders with cleaning services in Melbourne for an impressive 13+ years and we look forward to helping you all out more. With numerous delighted and satisfied clients, we are the No.1 Builders cleaning company in Melbourne. All our employees are well trained, with certified licenses, and are major experts in cleaning. Furthermore, they are thoroughly checked and approved by the Police. So that you can be stress-free of whom you are hiring and contracting the work out to. Employees from our company will come to your area after you call us and they shall inspect and review everything and provide you with an accurate estimate of how much it will cost you.

What is Builders Cleaning Services in Melbourne?

Our "Builders cleaners" remove and expel all the rubbish, clean the waste, and stone particles from all the surfaces of the post-construction building. All the surfaces will be cleaned and tidied also polished on the off chance that it is required. Our cleaners inspect everything from chairs, tables, racks, furniture, entryway, and windows. They go to each and every part of the house from the bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and moreover, they check and clean the regions surrounding the building. Plasters and paint residuals can also be cleared and tidied in the event that it is deemed necessary. Moreover, they will check each frame, glass panel, window sills, door frame, and tiles, and will make sure to see that they are wiped and cleaned and sparkled as new and unused. They clean in and out of your construction building catering to your special needs to keep you worry-free while simultaneously doing a great job. So, that your building looks flawless and clean just as new as a pretty home or a majestic premise. So feel free to contact us for Builder Cleaning Services in Melbourne.

We value Customer Satisfaction

We are enthusiastic about what we do and are always seeking out ways to better ourselves and improve our services for our clients. Without our customer’s devotion and trust, we could not have ever become the effective and successful business that we have become today. Customer loyalty does not come from promises made, it's about listening to our client's needs, catering to them, and fulfilling them. It's all about their joy and appreciation of our service that they received that brings us fulfillment, and it keeps sparking the inspiration in us to be better every day. Our motto is "We deliver what we promise" and we guarantee this continuously happens. We strive to do this by providing a service that's second to none. Give us a bell for a free on-call quotation.

Few Questions about Builders Cleaning Services in Melbourne?

Do you service business properties?

Yes, we service business properties and premises in addition to public and private properties with our builders cleaning service in Melbourne.

Can I book the service for a newly built property?

Of course, you'll be able to book our services for a new and recently built property. Our cleaners will visit your location and provide you the evaluated and carefully assessed time of completion and workload.

What areas do you cover?

We cover every place that is within Melbourne, Victoria.

Are your services guaranteed and are you insured?

We ensure all the services we offer are of incomparable standard and yes we are also insured. You can be worry-free and that's a promise we keep.

Do I need to be at my property while the cleaners are there?

No, it isn't essential at the start of the service. You can just leave the key at our office so that our cleaners can get to your property. But if you want to be present during the cleaning, you're more than welcome to stay at the property and inspect our cleaners during the process.

Do you provide the chemicals and equipment for cleaning?

Yes, we provide chemicals and equipment for cleaning. We only use products that are environmentally friendly.

Can I request for a different cleaning team after the work has started?

Yes, you will be able to change the cleaners but the honest truth is that a situation like this has never happened to us. No one has changed our cleaners because once they hired us they have continuously been fulfilled and content with the reliable and amazing services that we provided to them. We do what we ensure and our clients are persistently satisfied with our builders cleaning or post-renovation cleaning services.

Do you have an insurance cover & are your employee's Police checked?

Yes, we are flawlessly covered by insurance & all our employees are strictly evaluated with all their details which also includes the National Police Check.

Pricing and quotation.

Usually, this is something that can only be said and assured while we visit the job location. Even though we make a promise that the price we quote is the finest and cheapest cost in Melbourne, it is often because we have quoted numerous clients then they looked at other companies for a cheaper price. Eventually, they all came back to us because we are far cheaper than other companies. After we provided them with the service all clients rated our service with a 5-star. For more information it would be more ideal if you could call us, we will discuss with you & give you the builder's final clean checklist. Explain everything to us in detail and we'll make sure to check the site out and give you a free quotation, in the event that you think of hiring us. As a great building cleaner in Melbourne, we are always prepared to assist you anytime you need. So feel free to call us. Our Builders cleaning specialist in Melbourne will happily answer your questions.  

Our Builders Cleaning Service Checklist

  • Remove paint and cement sprinkles from floors, windows,and wherever is necessary
  • Clean dirt off the surfaces
  • Clear all the drawers and racks from any rubbish, trash, and waste followed by a thorough cleaning
  • Interior and Exterior Windows Frame and Glass Cleaning
  • Clear the window tracks
  • Tidy and Polish Showers and Toilets
  • Polish bedrooms cupboards
  • Doors and Handles wiped clean
  • Polish light switches
  • Skirting sheets tidied
  • Vacuum and wipe all hard floors including Balconies
  • Carpet Steam Cleaning service is additionally available
  • High-Pressure Cleaning for Car Parks or CourtYards
  • Tile and Grout Cleaning for dirtied floor and grout

Tell Us Your Construction Cleaning Priorities

When your home experiences a full or fractional renovation, the tradesmen more often than not pack up their stuff and leave. The after builders cleaning is left for you to deal with. We can assist you by clearing the mess and restoring your house to its past flawless condition. Whether you require a professional to clean the complete place or only certain regions or rooms that require tidying up, we are going to help you by employing high-tech hardware and industry-standard detergents. The builder's dust is for the most part silica, which is a common substance found in most rocks, clay, sand, and other development materials. Building forms can create respirable crystalline silica, which can be very unsafe when inhaled. Which is why you shouldn't delay opting for a builders Cleaning services in Melbourne session. Based on your description of the cleaning assignments you need assistance with, you will be given an assessment of the cost and the time that would take the building cleaners to complete the job. A more accurate quote can be given, in any case, after a viewing has been performed by our professionals. This is our builder’s cleaning checklist:
  1. Fully renovated/newly built unfurnished property
  • Surfaces:doors, skirting panels, banisters, windowsills, and window frames are thoroughly cleaned
  • Walls and ceilings:spot cleaning and builders dust removal; tiled areas are polished clean.
  • Fixtures:Expulsion of plaster or paint from light switches and sockets; scrubbing and wiping of kitchen and bathroom fittings, faucets, accessories, etc.
  • Windows:can be washed on the inside. Upon additional request, we can also deep clean them in and out. Additional fees may apply.
  • Floors:It will be vacuumed and cleaned.
  1. Fully renovated furnished property
  • All the above is carefully addressed.
  • Furniture: dusted, wiped, and tidied, including cupboards, benchtops, drawers, cabinets, etc.
  • Mirrors and glass tops: polished clean
  • Carpeting and upholstery: thoroughly vacuumed.
  • Electrical appliances: sanitized on the outside.
  1. Partially renovated furnished/unfurnished property
  • Spot cleaning in particular areas
  • Individual, newly renovated rooms are cleaned in detail.
  • Specific pieces of furniture and items are carefully cleaned.

Why Better Skip the DIY After-Renovation Cleaning

There is a whole plethora of tips that exist online on how to remove this or that after a restoration project. However, more often than not you'll come across plenty of cases of individuals making things more awful and worse, by attempting to scrape off the plaster from the skirting or attempting to clean the windows only to smear the stubborn construction dust. With us, you'll no longer have to be compelled to worry about these overpowering tasks. The qualified and experienced cleaners utilize proficient detergents that make the work simple. In a space of a couple of hours, each explicitly requested builder's cleaning work will be tended to with the attention to detail that it so greatly requires. So why squander time and resources on doing everything yourself? And more importantly, why risk destroying the results of the builders’ efforts with repairing your place, when you can depend on professional cleaners with greater experience. Moreover, you'll be able to take advantage of our extra services, such as Commercial cleaning services , steam carpet cleaning and more.