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Cheap Carpet Cleaning Services in Melbourne

Professional carpet cleaners you can trust.

Regular professional carpet cleaning might feel like a burden on your pocket, but it is rather an investment. Being a frontrunner in the local industry has given us years of experience with a commitment to providing a reliable carpet cleaning service in Melbourne. Our tile and grout cleaning is the best, while our professional carpet cleaning Melbourne service offers the required conditioning to maintain your carpet or rug and increase its lifespan and overall appeal.

Affordable Carpet Cleaning in Melbourne

We don't use anything but the industry's most effective truck-mounted and portable carpet cleaning systems to deep clean your carpets. Our carpet steam cleaning service offers the best results without the need of severe scrubbing like other carpet cleaning methods or toxic strong chemicals.

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    Commercial and Residential Cleaning Services

    We Provide Are:

    Our Affordable services include

    Steam & Dry Carpet Cleaning

    Carpet Steam cleaning is the most effective method of stain removal. It also dislodges invisible dust and grime stuck in between the carpet fibres. In steam cleaning procedure, hot water is sprayed over the carpet surface and immediately vacuumed out. The heat and the pressure removes stubborn dust and even the most stubborn stains.

    Rug Cleaning in Melbourne

    Our skilled rug cleaners will examine your rug; the fibres used, the type of dye, it's weave and the condition to determine the best deep cleaning approach and the most suitable cleaning agents. This not only helps us execute deep cleaning according to the rug but also protects your rug from unnecessary wear and tear that is a side-effect of the wrong cleaning method.

    Upholstery Cleaning in Melbourne

    Our team of upholstery cleaners are experts in their job and have worthy knowledge on ways to clean tricky materials like velvet, suede, silk, etc. The process starts out with an inspection of your upholstery to determine its condition and the level of treatment it needs. The cleaning method will then be determined to ensure expected results and utmost customer satisfaction.

    Tile and grout cleaning service Melbourne

    With our portable and truck-mounted cleaning machines, tile and grout cleaning has become easier and more effective. We tackle all types of floors from kitchen floors, countertops, alleyways, bathrooms and more.

    Give us a bell for queries

    if you have any questions you need answered, we will be happy if you clear them by giving us a bell at 0433-090-031. You can also choose to email us your questions and we will respond quickly. We offer customer support 365 days a year, 24/7. We also offer a carpet cleaning checklist and a quote for free which will help you in finalising your decision. You can find us locally by checking through Google, reading the many carpet cleaning review and observing our portfolio of previous work.

    Confidently trust us

    We value the trust our customers put on us, we regard it as our most worthy asset. To uphold this belief, our team puts a lot of effort with our customers to establish a good bond and relationship. We can tackle any size of carpet or any degree of stain, nothing is impossible for us! Whether your carpet was stained because of a water leak, the result of an accidental spill or were caused because of pet urine/ wine stains/ food spill, etc, we will tackle it with the right solutions and methods.  Our team has transformed everything from handwoven carpets to fur carpets in residential and commercial properties. The type of treatment for your carpet will depend on the concentration of dirt, the stain type, the type of carpet fibre and where the carpet is placed. After identifying all these we will decide the suitable cleaning method that will bring out the color and vibrancy of your carpet. The first step of our cleaning procedure is inspecting the carpet if it is a carpet cleaning service where we identify the carpet fabric, stain, dust accumulation and other similar details. If it is a tile and grout cleaning procedure then we will identify the cause of stains (limescale, water stains, etc). Our customer service team is ready to clear any question and queries about the machines or equipment we use, the cleaning agents, cleaning method depending on the carpet fabric and any other details you wish to find out.

    What is our carpet cleaning procedure?

    We have created a seamless carpet cleaning procedure that helps us complete the work quickly but without compromising on the result. We aim to give our customers a one-day service that is not only efficient but also comes with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.   Our reliable carpet cleaning procedure is broken down to the following steps:  
    • Inspection/site visit: After talking to you over the phone we will dispatch our site inspector to your address. Once there he will observe the deciding factors to determine the cleaning procedure. The most common factors taken into consideration include carpet fibre type, degree of stain concentration, dirt accumulation, etc. The site inspector will then discuss your requirements and budget before creating a cleaning plan for your carpet.
    • Cleaning: After getting your approval, our technicians will begin steam cleaning your carpet. The cleaning solutions will be sprayed to displace all accumulated dust and dirt.
    • Spot treatment: This is the stage in which hard-to-remove stains that haven't got eliminated in the cleaning stage will be treated. Most of the time the stains that get treated in this process are caused by blood, wine spill, vomit, pet poop, etc.
    • Drying: This is the stage in which your carpet will be left to dry completely.
    • Result inspection: This is the last step of the procedure in which your carpet will be thoroughly examined again to see if any stains have been left out.
    • Payment: You can choose to pay us by any method that you prefer. We accept payment by cash, credit card and debit card.
    • Leave a review: This part of the procedure has to be done by you, our customer. If you are happy with the job that we have done, please give us a review. We are open to any constructive criticism or praise as this not only helps us improve our process but it also helps us build a stronger relationship with our customer.

    Why select us?

    • We are up-to-date with all the technological innovations in the industry and own the latest machines.
    • We have cleaners who are well-versed with a variety of techniques and the experience to choose the right cleaning technique for you.
    • We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction.
    • Our team includes experienced, friendly and professional technicians and staff.
    • Our service is unique when compared to other similar companies in the industry.
    • Our technicians are capable of making drastic transformations to your carpet, upholstery or floor. If we can't eliminate any stains, no other company can.
    • We provide pickup and drop-off service if you choose to clean your rugs with us.
    • We are the leader in carpet, upholstery and floor cleaning.

    Benefits Of UCM’s “Affordable Carpet Cleaning Melbourne”.

    A few reasons why our customers give us a 5 star rating

    • Prompt and quick service
    • We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction
    • Our skilled and dedicated professionals can manage any type of task.
    • We are open every day
    • 24-hour Emergency carpet cleaning services for last-minute plans
    • We accept credit card payments
    • Carpet cleaning same day service
    • Trustworthy and friendly staff
    • Eco-friendly and toxic-free cleaning products
    • We only hire technicians who have passed a police-check
    • Melbourne-based
    • Fully licensed and insured

    Tips on how to select a professional carpet cleaning company Melbourne

    Which are the companies for carpet cleaning near me? How can I differentiate between several carpet cleaning companies? How can I choose the right company for my cleaning procedure? What questions should I ask to identify if the carpet cleaning company is professional or not? These are a few of the questions that could be plaguing your mind and holding you back from hiring a carpet cleaning company. We have listed certain important points that you should consider before finalising on a carpet cleaning company.

    Promises backed with references

    If they have a portfolio of photos showing before and after photos of previous client work, then you are one step closer. Some companies don't display their work on their website but they will always provide you with it upon request. If they refuse to provide you with these photos then move on to the next carpet cleaning company. We are regarded as one of the most professional and result-oriented carpet cleaning companies in the industry. Many interior designers and carpet sellers refer their customers to us for a good cleaning job.

    Diverse experience

    A good carpet cleaning company should have years of experience. It is with experience that technicians hone their skills and become specialists. We have handled numerous unique items and have faced many queer situations with regards to cleaning. With over a decades' worth of experience under our belt we can proudly say that we will quickly adapt to the situation and offer you the best results.

    Using industry-grade cleaning machines

    To get remarkable carpet cleaning results, it is always important to use industry-grade machines. We use the most advanced machines that are available in the market. These machines don't leave any moisture residue in the carpet backing which eliminates the risk of the carpet getting soiled quickly.

    Easy on the pocket but not compromising on quality

    Professional cleaning procedures shouldn't be considered as an expense. They are rather an investment which can reduce your spending and increase the lifespan of your carpet or upholstery. We make sure to keep our prices reasonable and not compromise on the quality of our service. With us you will get value for money.

    Using good quality cleaning products

    We make sure to stock up on the highest quality cleaning products from leading manufacturers. These products are eco-friendly and non-toxic. We don't use any cheap, duplicate products that can actually cause a bigger problem. We guarantee that all the products we use are efficient, safe to use on your carpets and easy on the environment.

    Offer customer satisfaction guarantee

    We are committed to providing our customers with excellent service. We guarantee customer satisfaction which means that if you are not satisfied with our work, we will redo it until you are happy with the results. Simply drop us a call and get in touch with our team. We offer customer support 365 days a year and we will also offer a free quote.

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